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    I've been looking at the RAS at HD and I've been told it can do lot's of other things besides cut and dado but I'm having a hard time finding out just what accessories are available for the Rigid RAS and how well they work. All informed replies will be gratefully accepted. Len

    PS I've just discovered this forum and I think it's great. There are some well expressed answers and opinions here. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    If you go to the main Rigid site, and go through the pages to the RAS, you can find the accessories, such as the drill chuck, molding head guard, molding head kit, etc. Our local HDs do have a little flip chart for tool accessories, and if you're lucky enough to find an HD employee who knows how to order, you can get it shipped to the store and save shipping charges.

    See the comments on the Marketing thread. I just cannot understand why HD doesn't carry the accessories in the store. Forgive me, but Sears always did. It's simple retail economics. If someone buys a tool, they are more likely to buy the accessories at the time of the sale or shortly afterward, if the goods are in the store. Having to order the parts and come back later to pick up, are a sure excuse not to buy the goods. Of course, in my local HD, this is a moot point, since they don't even carry the RAS anymore


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      A good source on the RAS is a book from WWW. titled " How to Master the Radial Arm Saw. It list what accessories are good and which items not to bother with. It is a very informative book and RAS.