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table saw blade wobble

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  • table saw blade wobble

    just got my 2412 together,blade wobbles( so does arbor} slightly, can feel vibration when running.Will this cause future problems. i hope this problem can be resolved without unassembling and returning it to store. HELP !

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    "Will this cause future problems"

    Yes, absolutely. I guess if returning it is a huge problem, you could ask Ridgid to send an arbor out. That's a whole lot more trouble than just swapping the machine, in my opinion.

    Be sure there isn't just a burr or something keeping the blade from seating. An out of true arbor flange is a very unusual occurance.



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      Yeah, Zock, I hear ya. Had the same prob w/my TS2424. Called Ridgid Hotline and they sent me a new arbor, pronto (as in overnight).
      Make sure it's not the blade before you call by:
      1. Laying the blade flat on top of the table and make sure it's flat
      2. Put a runout gage on the arbor, or
      2. Try another blade

      You've got a good saw for the money. Let us know how it goes.