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    Steve---it's obviously your call, but all your alignment time will go down the tubes. Unless you have the equipment to pull bearings, you'll likely have to remove the entire saw assembly to get to the arbor assembly. Having done this, if you've worked on cars or have an average mechanical appitude, it's not a terrible process---you just have to pay attention to how it's done and reassemble accordingly. Believe me, it's much easier to take out the saw assembly than to try to work upside down under the saw.

    Not trying to scare people away from this, but it isn't a simple issue and of course, this assumes that they even have a correct arbor. I've never been one to believe a customer should have to go through this type of literally standing on your head for something you paid top dollar for.


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      Originally posted by daveferg:
      I agree with Lorax----
      Just heard on The Weather Channel that today at exactly 1:09 PM the temperature in Hell reached +32f. Yes folks, Hell has officially frozen over and it's all the Fergs fault! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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        The city of Houston has an ordinance that prohibits working on the underside of a table saw.

        On another note, I just heard on CNN where the Texas legislature passed a bill today banning the creation of dado joints on table saws, as they are considered unsafe.

        More on this breaking story as it develops...

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          Let's see----he77 freezing, Texas voting for something "safe"---gad, I'm wearing a hard hat if I leave the house.


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            Everyone remember the long thread about the Emerson(Craftsman) Radial Arm Saw recall?

            Well, I'd bet that if a bunch of people start contacting the CSPC in addition to Ridgid then something will happen.

            Let's hope this is not like getting a traffic light installed at a busy intersection, where it takes so many deaths before the intersection is considered 'worthy' of a traffic light.

            Here's the link to the CSPC to log complaints.
            Consumer Product Safety Commission - Report Unsafe Products

            Federal Court Upholds Reporting Requirement for Companies

            The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is announcing a major court victory that upholds one of CPSC’s most potent weapons: the requirement for companies to report dangers and defects with consumer products to the government in a timely manner. The court ruled unanimously that companies who fail to abide by the reporting requirement can be held liable to pay substantial civil penalties.

            Federal Court Upholds Reporting Requirement for Companies

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              Hey guys. I just got a call from the director of sales at TTI/One World Technologies in Carolina. He had two other gentlemen from TTI in the room with him, including the product manager, on the speakerphone. It seems that the public relations firm forwarded my concerns to them.

              They had a copy of an arbor with them, and saw exactly what some of us have been talking about. I told him that this kind of problem, with the inability to offer a solution, can lead to bad press for them, and that people do read the threads on these forums - not all people, but some do read them, and form opinions.

              The guys said they were actually not aware of the design flaw until I brought it to their attention, and they are going to work on a fix, with free "correct" arbors to be sent out to those in need.

              I suggested they might even want to visit our humble forum and post a comment of their own. Don't know that they will; they said they do read the forums regularly, but try not to interfere to often with the consumers.

              In any event, as I am writing this, I got an email response from the TTI RIDGID team:


              Thank you again for the information. Customers like you are very valuable to us, and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future. For your reference, you were speaking with the following:

              Kevin Cameron - Director of Sales, Professional Power Tools
              Steve Steadings - Director of Product Development
              Ernie Swords - Director of Customer Service

              Thank you again, and we appreciate your continued support.

              Kevin Cameron
              Director of Sales, TTI - Professional Power Tools
              Guys, at least our voices are being heard, and now we have some names at the company, should we have future concerns. I commend them on their involvement; it shows me that they do care about putting quality products into the hands of consumers.
              There are three kinds of people in this world - those who can count, and those who can't.


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                I've had my TS3650 just short of a year now, but I will be checking out my arbor closely because I have noticed less than acceptable results when cutting dados in the narrower range. Hopefully they (Ridgid/TTI/OWT) will offer a replacement arbor that is slightly longer so the full width of most dado sets can be utilized. Since the is now a shown need to replace the current arbor, why not 'upgrade' the Table Saw to a more useful arbor at the same time and make that the standard arbor going forward on all the TS3650 saws.


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                  Bob---wouldn't hold my breath---besides, there may be other issues if they expanded the length.

                  Steve---very impressive. Hey, maybe there's hope for these guys. If they're willing to try---that deserves credit.

                  While they're not the only ones doing this, but you know, if they hadn't been so gung-ho on clearing the decks or not bringing anyone on board from the old Ridgid---someone could have told them of the old problem.

                  As I said earlier----the saw will work---it just cuts crumby dados. In fact, before I changed my arbor, I got so I'd get a better job from a wobble dado, and that ain't no great option.


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                    OK GUYS, now we're hitting them from every angle. I received a response from the author of the TS3650 review from Fine Woodworking Mag. See below...

                    I'm the shop manager of Fine Woodworking and the author of the review of the Ridgid saw. Your e-mail about the saw's arbor problem was forwarded to me.

                    First of all, you are right, there is a flaw with the arbor on at least some of these saws and I failed to notice it on the saw we reviewed. To be honest I have never seen this on another saw and never thought to check it.
                    In the future, of course, we will check this on any table saw.

                    I called Ridgid this morning and one of their engineers called me back this
                    afternoon. We discussed the problem and my impression is that they are
                    truly interested in correcting the fault and will replace the arbor under warranty, although this will take some time since new parts will need to be manufactured. I will keep you informed of progress and I am told we will probably discuss the problem in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

                    In the mean time, I am experimenting with a fix that I believe will work.
                    I will be back to you after the weekend to explain the fix and to let you know what Ridgid says.


                    John White

                    SAWDUST STEVE!! Thank you for getting on board with me! I think we're going to nip this one in the bud. Also wouldn't mind an ediorial in the next issue!! Looks like help may be on the way. I will hold onto the saw for another week or so. Unfortunately it took way too many phone calls, and posts to get some results. One call should have done it if you ask me. ANYWAY, thanks for your persistance Steve.

                    PS- I stopped at home depot on the way home tonight. I took apart their floor model. (no one even questioned me!) Guess what?? SAME PROBLEM!!!!!!!!


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                      Strong----getting FWW involved is probably the best thing that could have been done---even if they never write a word---it's pressure.

                      At to the problem being solve----all the current Ridgid people have to do is go back to Emerson and beg for some of those spare parts they obviously turned their noses up at before. You wouldn't believe how good my dados are now---with an Emerson made part to correct the original problem.

                      BTW---du ya think Ridgid might start paying attention to this forum now???


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                        Actually DaveFerg, as far as an entry in our Forum, I think we might expect to see something from the group I spoke with perhaps early next week.

                        Thank all of you who have supported me and answered a bunch of questions. I am returning to woodworking as a hobby after dabbling with my Shopsmith years ago. What a joy to have a "real" table saw now. I'll still keep the Shopsmith for other operations, as it is in mint condition, and still does a good shop for drilling, boring, lathe, sanding, small band saw operations etc.

                        I plan to buy the JP0610 jointer this weekend, as that is the 2nd weakest part of the Shopsmith. Thanks again, all. After a lot of "taking" from several of you, I hope I have been able to give a little back.
                        There are three kinds of people in this world - those who can count, and those who can't.


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                          I remember this from a couple years back with my 2424... I quit woodworking for a while and just started up again two weeks ago... I am wondering if I have this same issue. Does anyone have a photo of what to look for?
                          Thanks - Travis


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                            Travis----you couldn't tell it by eye. You might try calipers.


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                              this is great news. I really think this i a good move on ridgid part. The 3650, even though it isnt ridgid largest selling item by volume, is kinda like the " king" of their product line of power tools. It is in the forefront at all Home depots to just show the Quality of ridgid's tool line. I own alot of ridgid tools and love them all, but i will say the largest concerns I have had about any of them is service, customer support, and their ability to hold up. a speedy fix on the part of Ridgid will actually give me more faith in their product line and really sell me on other products they sell ( such as the jointer and drill press ive been eying). Even though they ran into a problem, The ability to remedy the problem is actually more important.

                              by the way contacting FW was a great decision, that i was thinking about yesterday.

                              Industry pressure would be much more effective.

                              If they publish an article about this problem with the saw, but can also say how quickly ridgid fixed it, it could be a positive for ridgid.


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                                Calipers really are not necessary to detect this condition. Take the large nut off. (I checked another one at home depot yesterday,same problem) You'll notice that a single blade, fully inserted on the arbor will sit snugly on the shoulder to the left. If you move it to the right 1/8" (as if to take it off) it will suddenly fall off the shoulder and become extremely loose on the arbor. You'll be able to lift the blade up and down on the arbor. There's the problem! You can also visually see it. On mine it's obvioulsy about .040" smaller. (almost .080" in diameter!) It also seems that the threads go from a silver color, to black in this "void". Hope that helps.