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R4512 Bad Motor

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  • R4512 Bad Motor

    After about 5 minutes of actual use, the saw developed a really loud grinding noise. Made all the obvious checks, then took off the belt to try and isolate where the noise was coming from. Turned the saw back on and still had the same noise, so definitely coming from the motor. Sounds like a bad bearing. Returning tonight back to Home Depot to exchange. Really looking forward to putting it together for a 2nd time and dialing in the alignment...sigh. Sound clip attached.
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    Re: R4512 Bad Motor

    Every now and again someone gets a bad product and unfortunately you get to be that person in this case. Before you take the saw apart and return it you might try letting the manager at HD listen to that sound clip. If you ask him in a very nice way maybe he'll let you just return the motor for a swap out instead of making you bring the whole saw back in for an exchange. Its worth a try.
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