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    Hello everyone,

    I'm making some drawers for a set of Captains beds. The front will be Oak and the sides are pine. I'm joining them with locking rabbets. After making my cutting list I have 2 10'x8"x1" pine that needs to 16"x7"x1/2" & 19"x7"x1/2"

    Should I thickness plane the wood before crosscutting it? I see pros and cons to either way. By the way I have a TP1300 and a TS3612.

    Should I rip it before I crosscut it or plane it?

    My plan was to crosscut it, rip and joint it, and then plane it. But I don't know why it couldn't be done another way and if another way would produce something better.

    Just wanting your thoughts. Thanks

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    If you plane it prior to crosscutting it you will effectively eliminate any possible snipe problems by trimming the ends off.



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      My suggestion is to follow this process:

      Plane to thickness,
      Joint one edge,
      Rip to width,
      Cut to lenght.

      When planing, allways feed your lumber in the same direction and keep the crowned edges down. Keep a claiper on hand to check thickness as you go. I find the TP1300 does not allways tell the truth at the guage.

      When jointing one edge allways pick the side with the crown and face it down to the deck of the jointer.

      When ripping to thickness place the jointed (striaght) edge against the fence. This makes the cut parrallel.

      Now that you have a minimum of 3 good sides, you can pick your favorite part of the board and cut to length.

      Hope this helps.