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Dovetail jig dust collection

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  • Dovetail jig dust collection

    I have the Porter Cable 4212 series dovetail jig.

    I wonder what any of you are using for dust collection?

    I did see a Leigh brand style dust collector and router support but I'm not sure if
    I'll be able to make it fit a Porter Cable unit.

    The Rockler Tool dovetail jig dust collection product will not work with a Porter Cable unit

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Dovetail jig dust collection

    Well I'm surprised no one has any input?

    This has been a challenging project....
    I came across the LEIGH RVA-1 router vacuum attachment.
    About $39.00 I found it on E-bay as I suspect LEIGH no longer offers this device.

    It seemed to attach to my DeWalt 621 router with the enclosed hardware.

    I set up the dovetail jig for half blind dovetails.

    Then, I applied power and off I went cutting dovetails.

    the dust collection seemed to capture around 80%-plus of the cutting debris.

    There is a slight challenge if you are using the entire length of the jig.

    So for now I'm satisfied. I do have option two on order.
    I found it on the Grizzly tool website. It's made by Porter Cable, item T22069-55164
    16" omnijig dust shroud. About $27.00
    Amazon does not have any inventory.....

    Although this is designed for the 16" omnijig, I may be able to make it fit the model 4212
    dovetail jig...

    stay tuned.............

    Cactus Man


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      Re: Dovetail jig dust collection


      Thanks for the update. I did read your original post but unfortunately I had nothing of substance to offer.

      A few months ago, I bought the HF dovetail jig, which will do only half-blind dovetails. For the $24 paid, it's a pretty decent jig for what it will do. (Same jig as the Grizzly and a couple of others under different brand names.)

      While I have a couple of router that provide a dust outlet for a vac, I prefer to use my old Craftsman unit so I can dedicate it to just dovetailing. No dust shute on that, and even with the others, everything coming off the bottom of the router gets blown around the floor.

      So looking at that problem, about the only thing I've considered is to perhaps put a "skirt-like apron" of sorts around the base to at least dampen the debris to drop straight to the floor... something which I haven't experimented yet though.

      I'll take a look at the devises that you mention. Certainly sounds like a better solution.