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Plunge base for the r2200

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  • Plunge base for the r2200

    I just got the R2200 router for christmas, I was wondering if a plunge base is available for this router

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    Re: Plunge base for the r2200

    I gotta tell ya, Ridgid (TTI) jerks these model numbers around so much I had to look up "R2200" to find out what you were talking about. Originally it was the R2900 or something like that. The original, which I have, was marketed as a 2-base system and came with both a fixed and a plunge base. When it was upgraded, it became the R2901 and was also a 2-base system.

    Then, I think it was about a year or so ago, they upgraded it again (I use the term "upgrade" very loosely) and it was all of a sudden, a single fixed base product. That didn't seem to go over so well (my opinion), so for several months early last year, they were selling it with a "bonus" plunge base. I'm not sure if that "bonus" was packaged with the product or if you had to send for it.

    In any case, I noticed a couple of months ago that it now back to just the a single "fixed-base". Seems they can't quite make up thier mind as to whether they want to be in the router business or not, and if so to what extent. While I do very much like my Ridgid router with it's nice features and two different bases, the amount of accessories from Ridgid has been extremely limited. I never did see an edge guide for it, and a couple of items mentioned in the manual never seemed to see the "light of day". For a short period of about a year or so, there was a Ridgid-brand set of guide bushings with two over-sized hard rubber-like baseplates. But the guides were TIN-coated steel, instead of the preferred brass which is not so punishing to carbid edges, they were machined very precisely though and some would fit a standard base opening and some would not. Likewise, the bases were very poorly molded and wouldn't accept even the accompanying guides, without quite a bit of re-work.

    The saving feature for the R2900 series (and perhaps the "2200") is that many of the so-called "Porter-Cable" standard components would fit it just fine. I use guide bushing purchased from Lee-Valley, and at the time of purchase, Home Depot had a fairly nice Porter-Cable edge guide that fit the router perfectly.

    BUT, a quick look through the website indicates that no additional bases are available for the R2200.