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question about shops in basements.

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  • question about shops in basements.

    currently my shop is in the garage(dang it gets cold during the winter). I want to move my tools into the basement. I have a ts3650...and a few other tools. I told my wife what I wanted to do but she is so worried that dust and such would get into the furnace. Our plumber told her that sawdust and such could get into the furnace and do some damage. I plan on hooking up my shop vac to the saw to catch the dust. Could it really cause damage to the furnace?

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    Re: question about shops in basements.

    Sounds like the perfect excuse to renovate the garage.


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      Re: question about shops in basements.

      My "shop" has been in my basement for over 10 years now with mostly little impact due to sawdust. I do run a real dust collector for the bigger tools and an air filtration unit to clean up the real small particles. I also have a small shop vac equipped with a HEPA filter and drywall dust bags for use with my sanders. However, before I had the DC, Air Filtration Unit and the Shop Vac setup dust was a pretty big problem. I would suggest you think about upgrading your dust collection system somewhat before moving your tools to the basement.
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        Re: question about shops in basements.

        After you finish building that entertainment wall unit or the boat how do you plan to
        get it out of the basement? How will you get that 4x8 sheet of plywood into the basement?

        I agree with Seanny Deep...upgrade the garage

        you need to add some insulation, a heater, and add electrical outlets etc.

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          Re: question about shops in basements.

          I'll have to agree with the others, who recommend upgrading the garage.

          But, regarding your furnace... even with a shop vac, you aren't going to catch all of the dust. A dedicated dust-collection system will be better, but I still think you're going to have a challenge as fine dust still makes it into the air, mostly from in and around the blade guard on the table saw. An above table dust collection hood would probably help there a lot.

          The question of course is how is it going to find its way into the furnace. My hot air furnace is pretty closed in, accepting air intake from the cold air returns, which then goes through the filter before it enters the heater passage.

          Biggest problem for me (I've had a basement shop since 2005, is that I'm constantly cleaning, vacuuming, etc. even with my 12-gallon shop vac hooked up to the machine that is running. My problem is not the furnace (in another basement room), but tracking the sawdust up the stairs, etc. I've been saving to build a shop on the side of my garage and can't wait to get that done.



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            Re: question about shops in basements.

            CWS brings up a good point that I think many overlook, and that is tracking sawduct into the house on your shoes or clothes.
            On top of the other concerns and since you already have a shop partially setup in the garage I would upgrade the garage space.

            Where are you (climate wise). Big difference in requirements of a garage shop in Canada and one in Florida, or in between for that matter.
            How much space would you be using as your shop and will it be dedicated shop space or will you have to share it with a vehicle or other items?

            All of these can be easily overcome. If money is tight you can do your upgrade in phases and spread the cost over a year or two.
            Get you electrical done, then insulate, and finally sheetrock and paint.

            I did my shop over a couple years but I already had it full of tools so I had to move everything to one side so I could work on half then
            shift everything over so I could do the second half. My space is 24x24 with a 10.5 foot ceiling and its still not enough.

            I don't want more tools (who am I kidding?) I just want more room to spread them out in.

            My shop is insulated but not heated unless I am in there working which is not too often during the week. So right now Friday afternoon I am looking at the remote thermometer for the shop and it says 42°F, not bad considering its about 30°F outside and has beeen down in the 20 overnight during the week. Not warm enough to work comfortably in but my point is with just insulation and sheetrock it stays fairly warm out there. Warm enough that I don't worry too much about stuff freezing and it doesn't take much heat to get it to 65 in an hour or so come Saturday.
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