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Refinishing a nursery - when should I install the window?

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  • Refinishing a nursery - when should I install the window?

    Okay, I have a nursery roughly 8x10 and my basic plan is to replace the standard door with a twin sliding door - one screen door and the other a wood door.

    I'm going to build a shelving unit, cupboards, etc., facilitate room for the crib and for bunk beds in future years...

    The window in the room is like 40 years old and in dire need of replacement. Since we are doing the whole room in a wood decor, I'm planning on leaving the wood on the window stained (instead of painted). My wife and sister-in-law are going to paint a mural on the big empty wall - finally the question!

    When should I do the window? I'm thinking of ripping off all of the trim around the room, making the drywall repairs, the wood shelf unit and measuring for the new window then letting them have at it... once they are done the mural, then I be replacing the window - which should just slide in from the outside (it's 4' off the ground), get it shimmed in place from the inside and trimmed.

    My brother-in-law and my wife think I'm crazy for leaving the window install until last, I think it's fine and it'll take 3 weeks to order anyway and I don't want paint splattered all over the stained wood surface (they aren't very clean painters).

    Please tell me what you think is best - looking for lots of opinions on this.


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    Well, I'd replace the window before the baby gets there .

    Actually I would replace the window first, but leave interior trim off and lay a piece of plastic over the interior side of the window. Matter of fact you could lay the plastic over the window before installing it, tacking the plastic on with a few small staples, on the outside frame of the window. Then once your done with the room simply cut the plastic away and install the inside trim.