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  • HELP!!

    I have a woodshop that is about 500 square feet with only 1 small door. (the shop is in the basement of my wife's clinic) My problem is that when I do any sanding there is a lot of free floating dust in the air. I currently use a shop vac for my TS and mitre box. I plan on getting a planner, but if I got a dust collector I dont think it would take care of the dust. I thought of getting a air filteration system, but would that take care of the dust? Any help or suggestion would be great.


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    Well that depends on what you mean by dust. If you are trying to eliminate all dust from entering your wifes clinic upstairs you need something that will get rid of dust down to 3 microns. (HEPA)filtes are the best to use for something of this nature. Keep in mind that its not really the amount of cfm's the vac has but really is the filtration that it has from the exhaust side. RL


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      A dust collector is almost going to be a necessity, if you get a planner. Depending on the size of the filtering on your current shop vac, it may also improve that as well. I would suggest getting a DC with at least a 1 micron bag for best filtering. You can either buy a DC and add the better filtering bags (most DCs come with a 30 micron bag) or to my knowledge, Penn State is the only company that will let you trade up to the 1 micron bag, which may be cheaper in the long run. BTW---you'll find the DC to be much quieter than your shop vac.

      However, for other dust control----fine, air entrained dust---you're right about an air filtering system helping. Frankly, no matter how careful you are there will always be some dust in the shop and an air filtering unit might help.


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        Benham30 - You could buy or build a down draft sanding table or maybe convert a workbench that you are using to be a downdraft table. I went to a heating and A/C contractor that I know and was able to get (free) three furnace blowers. I put one in a box with good furnace filters on three sides and hung it from the ceiling for my poor man's version of an air filtration system (it works well). If you can find a blower, it would be easy to enclose it and add filters to make a table similar to the one at Rockler listed below. Hope this helps.