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    Okay, just got a sweet deal on some T&G that I want to put on a bare (stud only-cathedral ceiling). My first wood project and I want it to look like a pro did it. What should I use to hold it up? I have a pneumatic finishing gun. Should I use braids or the staples? The schtuff is knotty pine (@1/2x4x8) and pretty light.

    Question 2: Do I put finish on after sizing (on the deck) or after I install it on the ceiling?

    Question 3: After I stain it, do I put a protection coat of some sort on it? There will be a wood burning stove in the room and wondering if it would harm/discolor wood.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    my suggestions would be as follows:

    Face nail the first piece against the wall with the tonge towards you. AS you go along, nail through the tonges only, so no nails will show. Also may want to use liqid nails on the back against the joists. I wouldn't put any finish on it till it was all up. For a top coat, a 3 coat polyurethane should be fine. You may or may not get discolorization due to the stove, not sure.



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      This brings up a question I've had for some time. Do you guys bevel cut the edges where you have to seam boards together? If so, what degree do you use? A 45 degree bevel seems logical to me, but I'm Illogical!
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        I did a room 15'X 30' in T & G knotty pine. I went with 15 degrees


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          I don't have to bevel edges, they fit pretty snug.

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            Thanks for the replies, I'm starting one of these jobs this spring and am worried about how drastic the humidity changes will be on this stuff. I think I will bevel it somewhat, I hate gaps!
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              I beveled my joints at 45deg but I see almost no shrinkage in length and only minimal in width. We used Cabot interior pastel stain base for a white wash, brushed on and did not wipe off. Make sure you get the tongue stained. We stained before install. Where the two sides come together at the apex I used a mull strip to cover but it was not really necessary.


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                Good to find a question I know the answer to. I was a carpenter's helper for a builder who specialized in t&g ceilings. If you're going to stain, do it before installation---then when the stuff is dry, you can match for nice color matching and transition----lighter colored going towards the peak.

                As to a finish----we used just an oil finish---if you used a hard finish, like poly' I don't think you'd want to be sanding and refinishing later. As I remember, we nailed it from the roof side, just face nailed with ring shank nails. Hope this helps.