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Dust collection on a RAS

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  • Dust collection on a RAS

    Looking for ideas to collect the dust on my RAS. Does Ridgid make the hose that comes off the top of the gaurd? Has anyone build a shroud around the RAS?
    Mark Eburne<BR>Maple Ridge, B.C.

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    Mark--if your upper guard has a dust port, I'm sure you could rig a dc hose. However, you'll need to keep it out of your way---maybe a spring attached to the middle of the dc hose to allow it to stretch and retract, as you move the trolley assembly.

    Shroud type dc's are most traditional on a RAS----Generally mounted back, by the main post. Check the duct fittings at a big-box store to see if there is anything that can be modified, or simply build a flaired box out of plywood or MDF, connected to a fitting.


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      I just got my RAS a couple months ago, but I think Ridgid's DC kit does a pretty fair job. I hook it up to my shop vac and I'd guess it gets around 80% of the dust on crosscuts and maybe 50 on rips. Of course if you're making a dado, all bets are off. I have a used Craftsman RAS, and I found that the new guard from the recall helps improve DC slightly too. The Ridgid DC kit does include the right hose to fit the port on the guard.


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        I have found the collection off the top of the shroud is of little value. The main dust is generated off the back of the blade. Sears sells a kit for the RAS that includes the hose for the blade shroud and and a large plastic shrould with a port on the back.

        I bought the kit and attached to my saw by building up a base under it out of plywood until I got it even with the table and then attached the shop vac to it. The arrangement probably catches 80-90% of the dust. My saw is a Delta and I haven't seen the one by Ridgid, but I imagine if you had a Ridgid RAS, their kit would attach a little easier.

        Bob R

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          The AC1099 Radial Arm Saw dust collector is what you need. It includes a shroud to collect the dust on cross cuts and an extra hose for hookup to the guard when ripping. The dust elbow on the top of the guard is only for ripping.