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  • TS3612 tuning

    I am trying to tune up my tablesaw,(blade to miter slot alignment) and need to adjust the front trunnion. The manual tell me how to adjust the rear but not the back. I have the blade to miter slot adjusted to .021 front to back, and have the rear adjusted as far as it will go, so I think I need to adjust the front trunnion to get it closer. How do you do this? I've tryed tapping the trunnion with a steel bar but it won't move.
    I hope this makes sense to someone who can help me.
    What is an acceptable tolorance .020, .015, .010, .005?

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    Loosen the three bolts that hold the trunnion in place. Keep the trunnion lock tight. Use the blade angle adjustment wheel to move the trunnion side to side.



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      The blade adjustment of the sawblade to the miter guage groove is explained on pages 22 and 23 of the owners manual.
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        Thank you Dave Arbuckle.
        Using the blade angle adjustment to adjust the front trunion worked. I now have my blade aligned to with in .005 .

        Badge Dave, I WAS following the instructions on pages 22 & 23 to make the adjustments. As far as adjusting the front trunion, all the manual says is to adjust it, it does not tell you how. It tells you how to adjust the back but not the front. That is why I posted this message.

        Sometimes it is easier to send someone with a question to someone or some place else for the answer, but if you know the answer why not give it.

        Dave Arbuckle, thank you again for answering my question. I can see why you have a high rating.