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6" ridgid jointer

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  • 6" ridgid jointer

    Is the ridgid 6" jointer a good one I have been looking to buy one I have the planner and I really like it .

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    I am considering a Ridgid jointer as well. My older brother has a shop full of Ridgid tools (planer, TS, jointer, etc.) and I have used his jointer in the past. It is powerful, smooth and easy to adjust. I would like to see if it comes with a dust collection unit that I can use with my Ridgid vac (although the strips may clog a shop vac).

    Delta has a similar unit for $399, but Ridgid ($449) usually includes some options that more than make up for the price differential. Let me know what you decide.

    - Jamie


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      The JP0610 is a very good jointer. It has a wide, easy to assemble base with storage for push block and the included angle setting gauge. The fence bevels both forward and backward with stops at 45º, 90º, 135º. The cutterhead uses jackscrews to set the knives so no special jigs are needed to get the knife placement correct. The head is driven by a 1 hp dual voltage TEFC motor.

      *gets off soapbox

      Hope this helps



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        Jake just ran down everything I could ever find to "complain" about on my older model JP0600. I like mine an awful lot, the newer one would be even better.

        If I were to give any caution at all, it would be to check that the legs of the stand don't protrude forward much farther than the jointer bed. On some open legged machines, they are far enough forward to get a little in the way. Just try a jointing movement at a floor model to see if it is comfortable.

        I haven't seen a JP0610 in the flesh, so I really don't know if this is a concern or not.



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          Thanks fellows for the info.


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            I have the JP0610 (bought it in December for $399 [img]tongue.gif[/img]).

            The new stand is very solid and stable. The legs do not protude out in front of the Jointer.

            Great Jointer for the money. I only wish that it was an 8"...