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Need a NEW Router, HELP PLease !!

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    Originally posted by hi ho sliver:
    </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Docdick:
    Hi Ho Silver, I think that you sent me an E Mail but there was not any message. I ended up with a Freud 2000E 3 1/2 hp. Love it, mounted in router table and ran over 950' of raised panel for my cypress siding. It never even burped, though the raised panel bit died, got another one to finish and will the 1st one resharpened. As for the Rockler, I do not have any information about it.
    </font>[/QUOTE]I don't remember emailing you, but with these new confounded gadgits (computers) you can never tell what I'm going to do....
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      i have the makita rf1101 kit and couldnt be happier with it. great tool for the money!

      as far as sears no longer stocking the part for your router that stands to reason. the thing to keep in mind is that sears power tools are not made by sears, they are made by whomever wins the contract. they have tools made by dewalt, ryobi, bosch, black and decker, etc.

      no you probably cannot call the chevy dealer and get a new part for a 1972. but power tools are a bit differnt. MAKITA still makes parts for their tools that date back several years. in addition they offer parts diagrams and lists freely on line. oddly enough they are the easiest parts to get as well. even as the tool has changed over the years, in a lot of cases they offer a "conversion kit" allowing you to use todays part on yesterdays tool.

      and as far as the warranty on your bit, sears does not offer nor imply a warranty on bits, blades, etc. if you look at the back of the pkg it doesnt say "full unlimited lifetime warranty" on the pkg. if it does, merely point this out to them and take it up the chain if you have to. if it doesnt i would try to return it one more time pointing to those magic words above their doors..."satisfaction guaranteed or your money back". but dont hold your breath if it comes to that!