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  • TS2424 Fence Alignment

    Two Questions:
    1. The nut on the back of the fence, how tight should it be? My fence is constantly out of alignment and I am tired of using a framing square to check the fence.
    2. I aligned my fence with a square and check parallelism with the miter track using a dial guage. I have noticed a bow in the middle of the fence. How much of a bow is acceptable? Is it acceptable? I will have to get back to you to get the exact measurement of the bow.

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    The nut at the back of the fence does not determine the squareness of the fence, only the force required to lock the fence in place. That nut should be adjusted as tight as you can go, but still are able to remove the fence without interference from that finger.

    The squareness of the fence is determined by the four allen head screws where the head meets the body of the fence. Try this to square the fence up:

    Move the fence over to the miter slot to determine whether it's parallel. If it is out, loosen the four screws on the head of the fence. Making sure the head stays in contact with the rail, move the fence body until it is parallel with the miter slot. Lock the fence down and recheck. Tighten the four screws in a cris-cross fashion, applying a small amount of torque to each bolt at a time.

    If you are still having problems ripping, it means your blade is out of parallel with the miter slot.

    Though I don't remember the exact spec, I believe the fence should be straight within 10 thousandths of an inch.