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Shark Guard for Ridgid R4512

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  • Shark Guard for Ridgid R4512

    (Not seeing a dedicated "Classifieds" section, I'll post this here. Let me know if this is improper.)

    FS: Shark Guard for Ridgid R4512 Table Saw

    This guard fits the Ridgid R4512 table saw directly onto the factory riving knife. It provide a more visible guard as well as adding a 2.5" port (typical shop vac size) for blade dust collection. I bought it primarily for the dust collection, as the factory guard doesn't have that, and the really nasty dust needs to be caught at the source.

    The guard is new, tested for fit, but hasn't been used (saw is being sold... need more room!).

    Picture to follow. Search online for "shark guard" and you can see it there, as well as videos, specs, etc.

    Includes the guard (red) and the optional pawls.

    $120 shipped in the cont. US (lower 48)

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    Re: Shark Guard for Ridgid R4512

    There's a reason you don't see a Classified section. Selling stuff here is generally frowned upon. Try posting over at WoodNet in their Tool Swap and Sell forum. You will reach a much larger audience there than here.
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      Re: Shark Guard for Ridgid R4512

      Got it, thanks.

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