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Right tilt table saw. What's the advantage?

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  • Right tilt table saw. What's the advantage?

    Hi all,
    I'm getting back into WW after being out of it for many years and and slowly stocking my shop.

    I was just wondering what advantages there are to a RT saw over a LT saw.

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    Left tilt means that when doing a rip cut with the blade at an angle, it will be away from the fence. Safer way to cut IMO.
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      My take is simple...if you are left handed and want to cut your stock with the fence to the left of the blade, then get the right tilt....if not then the left tilt is the way to go...
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        Kelly, I'm left-handed, and (many apologies) your comment doesn't entirely make sense. (long description discarded, it isn't relevant to the topic)

        Right tilt saws have the arbor on right. When you change blade thickness (think dado), the fence cursor remains true. On left tilt, the arbor is on left, so the fence cursor is invalidated.

        To make up, as Keystone mentions the left tilt doesn't require a fence move when tilted. All assuming the normal setup of fence to right of blade.

        If I made a list of my ten most important features in buying a tablesaw, I think direction of tilt would be around 8 or 9. At least with what I build, beveling is not done often enough to make a difference.