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    A buddy of mine went to the garrettwade website and purchased a 40-tooth TS blade for ~$27. It is a nice blade, but before I make the plunge and order a 24, 40, 60 and 80 tooth set, I wanted to know if anyone has purchased blades from them before. The write up refers to "... an unusual maker in China that produces really good blades ..." but I don't know what that means. The blade has now printing on it, and I expect to pay more for the blade if it says Forrest or Freud on it, or if it is bright screaming yellow like the new Ridgid blades. Anyhow, if I can get away with spending less and getting more, I'd be as happy as the next guy.

    The web link is included.
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    I'm not familiar with these blades but my gut tells me that 4 blades for about $87 means they're contractor quality blades at best. Probably OK for construction type work but not OK for cabinet/furniture quality work. They probably don't have a whole lot of carbide to them so resharpening could be an issue.

    If these blades are of the quality I suspect they are, and I AM just guessing here based on their cost, why would you want 3 different style construction grade crosscut blades? Just my two Lincoln heads worth.

    FWIW, DeWalt is the one with the Yellow blades.

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      Thanks Dave. I guess I was looking for experience with these blades in particular to let me know which class they would fall into. I think from the limited response, I will await a review from my buddy.

      I just think that a lot of times we get suckered into expecting to pay $100 for one good blade. There are probably some low-cost blades that do a great job, but don't have the name and thus the demand for the bucks.

      I will see if I can look into the carbide load in the teeth and see if I can get an estimate as to how many resharpenings a smith could do on them.

      By the way, the yellow blades I was talking about (probably "gold" actually) are new ones from Ridgid. See the link below.

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        I'd stick with the proven names. The blade makes more difference in the cut than the saw. Forrest, Freud, Amana, CMT, etc., all make tried and true performers. You might find that just a WWII and Freud 24T rip blade or a Freud LU84 and a rip blade will suit your needs.