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  • shutters

    i have been recently ask to build a several set of shutters for a friend and i'm not sure of what type of wood to use. we live in the southern part of louisiana and the weather is very unpredictable at times.

    thank you

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    In my opinion,if you can find it, cypress would be your best bet.


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      Heck, I'd search all over to find cypress. I built a screen door from cypress----now almost 3 years old, that doesn't show the slightest problem. Now, building shutters----there's your problem.


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        Originally posted by daveferg: Now, building shutters----there's your problem.
        You got that right!
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          I remember Norm building an outdoor project on his show from reclaimed cypress not long ago.

          If I am not mistaken he also built a teak dry bar for poolside or deck use and it had shuttered cabinet doors. You could probably ask on the New Yankee website who the supplier was. I think they were in Florida. The Woodfinder website should be able to turn you on to a source for cypress also.

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            I sent you a PM


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              also white oak or cader might also be a good choice, and please post a pic or two when they are completed
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                Cypress, Western Red Cedar, or Redwood would be my top 3 choices.

                Being down in LA you should be able to find a supplier for Cypress.

                When I made the shutters for my Uncle's cabin, I made a jig to cut the slots for the slats in the edges of the stiles. It gave me a wide base for the router to ride on and it made the job quick. I used a 1/4" pattern bit with my plunge router.

                Good luck with your project. It is time consuming but a fun project to do.
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