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  • Making Custom Trim

    Ok...this is the first time I have visited this site. Looking for an answer to problem and can not find it. I am making custom trim for a homeowner. Windows are set for drywall and homeowner decided to put wood on walls in great room. I have a 1/4in difference b/w wall face and window. Having to plane/route out 2 1/4in from 1x4 cedar trim. Have been using a hand planer. Is there a better way? I have been looking at jointer/planer, dado bits, router tables. Any suggestions??

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    Re: Making Custom Trim

    some jointer's, (mine will cut a rabbit),

    one could set a table saw, and saw it it may take two passes, one on the 2 1/4"a nd one on the 1/4" depth, (what I think I would do) if the height blade cut will not go to 2 1/4" one could make the second cut with a dado head to make up the depth,

    If one has access to a belsaw planer molder, (sears or powermatic (old one), wood master, or a Williams & Hussey molding machine, one could put a blank blade, or back relief blade in it and set up some guides and make the stuff as fast as one can feed it the machine, about 12 feet a min for running as a molding machine.
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      Re: Making Custom Trim

      The simplest way would be to add 1/4 inch to the window frames,but it sounds like you have already done some of the trim. To continue,All of the above mentioned methods will work. (Not all jointers are capable of doing rabbets)


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        Re: Making Custom Trim



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          Re: Making Custom Trim

          BHD...Thanks for the good advice. I actually ended up using the table saw and making the two cuts that you talked about.

          Pipestone...I initially did just add 1/4" to the frames but homeowner did not like seeing the extra seam.

          Teeny...did you just copy and paste what BHD said?? Just wondering.

          Thanks to all for the info. Like I said, first time using a forum. Just didn't know where to get good info on a jointer. Glad to see that my old table saw came in handy.