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Centering a router on a table

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  • Centering a router on a table

    Rigid router question. I have a rigid router and bosch table. I want to make sure the router is perfecftly centered on the table. However, no baseplate that matches. I just ordered a peachtree baseplate (similar to rockler I believe). Assuming that works, will that solve my problem?

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    Re: Centering a router on a table

    I have the Rockler table and baseplate, so if they are similar there should be no challenge with the plated itself. You may have to drill a hole in the plate in order to use the above table "T-handle" that comes with the Ridgid router. That was pretty simple though.

    I have the earlier R2900, and it came with a "centering cone" for use with brass guide bushings. That really is the most essential step with "centering" as you don't want to gouge the guides and possibly damage your router bit. With my Rockler mounting plate, the opening is large and you will need to have those plastic inserts, which are used to minimize the opening around the router bit. The plastic inserts are fitted to the mounting plate and the opening is sized to the diameter of the bit. (the opening comes in various sizes) OR, you use a plastic insert that will take a metal guide bushing... again, they are sized for different inside diameter opening to fit the particular router bit. Most of the quality guide bushings are made of brass and available from Rockler, Lee-Valley, etc. Ridgid did offer a set and they may still be available in your local HD, though have long since disappeared from mine. They are however, made of TIN-coated steel. Brass inserts are soft enough to not damage your carbide bits, should they not be centered properly. Not so with steel though!

    So, when using a metal guide bushing it really is essential to ensure proper centering; and with the R2900, a stud was provided to mount in the collet and a centering cone (also provided) was used to position a plate-mounted guide.

    I hope this helps, and welcome to the Ridgid forum,