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    I purchased my first table saw this weekend. Home Depot honored a Lowe's 10% coupon and I brought home a new 4512. I managed to get the whole thing set up by myself and I somehow find myself with a saw that is dead square out of the box. And I mean dead square using a Starrett combination square. I was prepared for hours of alignment but it did not need any.

    One of the bolts that mounts an extension wing to the cast cable was poorly machined and would not thread. I was able to attach the wing with two bolts in the outside holes and everything leveled just fine. I did call ridgid customer service and they're sending me a replacement bolt.

    I'm feeling pretty good about this purchase so far.

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    Re: New 4512

    congrats on the buy. the 4512 is one of the best entry level saws available today. next time, bring a HF "20% of any single item" coupon with you. many HDs will honor them, and at $400, the 4512 is almost a steal. IMHO, though, i'd suggest reviewing this write up, or a similar one, regarding tuning the saw for max performance:

    Table Saw Basics - Alignment - LLC

    10 years ago, when i got my ridgid ts2412, i thought i did a pretty good job of making sure everything was aligned properly. had i known about something like the linked article, i'd have taken what i thought was proper alignment one step further and possibly saved myself my one and only kickback experience. it's not necessary, but investing in a $10 dial gauge will allow you to dial that saw in so the fence is parallel to the miter slot +/- .001" and the blade is similarly parallel to the SAME miter slot +/- .001".

    good luck with your new saw.
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      Re: New 4512


      Welcome to the Ridgid forum and congratulations on the new table saw!

      This is a great forum and I hope you find as many good advisements and future friends as I have... there's good people here with a world of experience. I look forward to your contributions too.

      If this is your very first table saw, I think you made a good choice as I believe this is a saw for most all levels of experience and practice. Be careful and learn as much as you can, keeping safety always at the forefront of your operations.




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        Re: New 4512

        Don't forget to jump through all the hoops to get the LSA (lifetime service agreement) for it.
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