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  • Alignment Issue

    I spoke too soon in my first post about my new 4512. Although I
    thought that it was perfectly square to the miter slots, I discovered
    that was in fact not square.

    I'm now trying to line up the blade heel to toe.

    I have the back cover off and had no problem loosening the adjustment
    bolts. The problem is that while I can get the trunnion closest to the
    back cover to slide back and forth in its adjustment slots, I can't
    get it to move far enough to the right to line up with the other
    trunnion. I have had no luck moving the trunnion at the front of the
    saw. Those of you with this saw know that it's pretty hard to get your
    hands in there anyway and there is certainly no room to swing a
    hammer inside the cabinet to move that front trunnion. For that matter
    I don't even know if the holes for the front trunnion bolts are
    machined oversized for adjustment purposes like the back ones are.

    Anyway, I can't move the one in the rear over enough to lineup and I
    can't move the front to give me some more room to adjust. Does anybody
    have an idea how to get the front trunnion to move? I'm pretty screwed
    adjustment wise if I can't do something.

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    Re: Alignment Issue

    I wish I could help with that, but that was a big issue for me when I had my sears contractor saw and vowed never again once I found out that hybrids and cabinet saws had the trunions mounted to the cab and not the table so all you had to do was loosen 3 out of 4 table bolts and gently nudge into alignment tighten and done!!

    Why Ridgid didn't pick up on that with their previous model R4511 design, as it would have been huge to home hobbyists in that regard I will never know. Just for that reason I kept my R4511 when I upgraded to a cabinet saw.

    Hopefully one of the more knowledgeable members that has successfully done the adjustment that you are working on will be able to provide some help. Hope you can get it aligned to your satisfaction.


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      Re: Alignment Issue

      Here is one of the places that helped me decide to get my 4512 and the setup, etc of it. This is his full review of the saw. He has a seperate blog on aligning the table. There are a lot of useful links in the blog.
      Hope this helps

      edit, everything is in the first link, scroll down.
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        Re: Alignment Issue

        have you loosened the bolts that secure the front trunion to the underside of the table? page 36 of the 4512 OM i have gives a good account of how to align the blade with a miter slot. i do not, however, agree with the OM's suggestion that the blade should be tapped to effect any adjustment. here is the OM from the the ts3612:

        check page 22, "Checking Heeling Adjustment or Parallelism of Sawblade to Miter Gauge Groove", for better tactical instructions on adjusting the trunions. be advised that the 3612 had 6 bolts attaching the trunions to the table, 3 on the front trunion and 3 on the rear trunion. the 4512 has 2 on each of the front and rear trunions. otherwise, the adjusting technique is the same. hope this helps.
        there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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          Re: Alignment Issue

          I'm pretty sure I fixed it. I turned the saw on its top. Without gravity working against me on the trunnion I was able to get in through the bottom and move the front trunnion. As long as its stays aligned I'll be happy.


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            Re: Alignment Issue

            just curious how the position of the blade relative to the miter slot was evaluated when the saw was resting on it's top, up side down.
            there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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              Re: Alignment Issue

              When I flipped it over I was able to move the front trunnion in the direction that I knew it needed to go. After that I tightened everything down and flipped it and then did the alignment.