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Board Buddies For Shapers install on a Grizzly G1035 shaper,

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  • Board Buddies For Shapers install on a Grizzly G1035 shaper,

    I bought these a few weeks ago, and to day I said I need to get those on the machine, I have a Grizzly G1035 shaper, (it looks like the setup in the stock photo of the Board Buddies in the advertisement, I said that will be easy to setup,

    so I measure to attach my aluminum T track, that was bought separate from the W1055 Board Buddies, It need to be 3 and 7/8" to clear, the old nobs that the factory hold downs that are cast in one piece of the fence bracket,

    I mount the wood fence board, on the cast parts of the Grizzly shaper, and try to adjust the Board Buddies, I ran out of adjustment, and said hum this is not working, so I reread the directions, and this time I noticed that it says a 3" (THREE INCH) high fence,

    but I need 4 or at least 3 and 7/8" to clear for the aluminum T track, that extends off the back of the wood fence, so I call Grizzly and they and gave no suggestions in my first contact, but I down loaded the SHOP FOX W1624 manual, which is very close to the Grizzly G1035 unit, but one small difference, the Shop Fox cast parts have a removable "factory hold down bracket" (in the Grizzly manual it actually shows the SHOP FOX version of the shaper in one picture, so I took the wood board fences back off removed the T track, and took it down to the metal shop and proceeded to saw off the ears and then I put the pieces on the mill and trued them up and squared off the back side so if I ever wanted to in the future I can bolt some thing on to work as an bracket or what ever, I take it back up to the wood shop and cut the board fences back down to 3" and attach the T tracks and now they are easy to adjust and appear as if they will work as advertised,

    but what I am cautioning is they may not be "one size fits all" one may end having to do some modifications to get things with in the height specifications of the design of the "Board buddies".

    I really don't think it is the Fault of Woodstock's Board Buddies, but I did not see any where a caution or warning of the fence height it would work best on, (even the Grizzly catalog/web site that is selling both do not indicate any thing).

    below are some pictures one is a factory photo of the fence and the original hold downs,
    there are two pictures of the re-milled fence parts,
    wood fence board was before and the drawing of old metal part, on the wood,
    and the finished set up,
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