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  • dovetails

    do I cut pins or tails first? I use a bandsaw and a chisel but find this slow and not always accurate. any recommendations on a dovetail jig not an expensive one thankyou for your responses

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    With the jigs you get what you pay for. Harbor Freight has an inexpensive one that will do the job, about $35. It is the same as some of the more expensive ones from rockler, jet, sears, and many others. The only ones I've used are that one and the Leigh(around $400). The differences are mainly ease of use, setup, capabilities and user manual. In either case a router dedicated to the jig will save you alot of time and frustration.


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      Here is a comparison article with some jigs reviewed. FWW Review I own the jig from Rockler, I would not purchase it again given the chance. I have also used the Keller Jigs. They are the easiest to use IMO but you are limited to through dovetails.

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        You should cut the tails first. Then you can use the tails to do the layout for the pins.

        The best jig I have found is a sharp pencil, a sharp dovetail saw, and a sharp chisel.

        Personally I do all my dovetail work by hand.

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