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Cleaning the tp13000 infeed/outfeed rollers

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  • Cleaning the tp13000 infeed/outfeed rollers

    How do you clean the infeed/outfeed rollers? They cannot be turned while unplugged can they? The owners manual just says "clean with alcohol"


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    I wrap a rag saturated with alcohol around a long board and turn the machine on. If you have the motor raised high, you can see the cutters in the reflection on the table. Slowly and carefully, I run the rag along the length of the rollers, keeping the rag as far away from the cutters as possable. Do this several times to ensure that the rollers are good and clean. Also, keep the board angled as much as possable so that you can not hit the spinning blades. This should be done every time you change the blades, then you can do this with the blades out of the machine. Hope this is helpful.



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      5 Icon 1 posted 02-24-2005 08:48 AM Profile for Desmo888 Email Desmo888 Send New Private Message Edit/Delete Post Reply With Quote When changing blades try this:

      From the rear of the planer, with the blades removed and the tool unplugged slowly and incrementally turn the cutter head by hand, wipe the rollers.

      Take your time and repeat until the rollers are clean.

      It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish.

      The TP1300 is easy to work on and should have its various parts cleaned/lubricated, as well as, depth of cut calibrated a minimum of once a year to keep it from being temperamental.

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        I have used alcohol and it works very well. I also turn the cutter by hand which takes a while but works and is better than running it with your hand in there. I have dissassembled the whole thing, removing the rubber rollers entirely, and found this to be much more work than just going slow and turning them by hand.


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          I, by no means, put my hand inside the machine while it is running. That is a good way to get a stub. By wrapping a stick with the rag, and have the rag long enough, your hands will be out of the machine.

          I tried turning the rollers by hand the first time I cleaned them, by they would not move. That is when I came across this idea. Only wood is near the cutter heads, and my hands are completely out of the cutting bay. I keep the rag to the side of the feeding wheels closest to the opening. It is easy to see in the reflection of the table. Also, the motor is brought all the way to the top.

          Like I said, this is usually done with the blades out of the machine, when I replace the dull ones.



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            Thanks for the suggestions. The blades are about due to be replaced before the next project. I till do a tune up and cleaning then


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              “I, by no means, put my hand inside the machine while it is running”

              Thanks for clarifying that Jim, I was thinking you are very fortunate to still be able to type.