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Who Makes it ! or does anyone?

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  • Who Makes it ! or does anyone?

    Who makes an air powewred unit that will fire case hardened nails into cement rather that "shooting with a gun like Remmington or Milwalkie" Thanks folks. DD

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    You can buy case hardened nails for just about any nail gun. My son in law who is a general contractor uses a framing nailer and nails into concrete all the time. I think he also had hardened nails for a circular magazine nailer also.

    Did you ever check on those tools we talked about?
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      If you are looking for an air powered nailer for concrete Hitachi makes one it will shoot hardened nails into concrete. I have personally not used one. I have a powder actuated nailer for that the Hitachi one is very expensive compared to powder actuated nailers. If you can't find one listed I at least was able to find a picture of one with the model number on Ebay.

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        If you project is one where you will use the tool & then not need it why don't you just rent what you need? Even if it is a powder fired nail driver.
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          Senco makes case hardened nails that suit your purpose for just about any pneumatic framing gun,NAILS AINT CHEAP THO, just use whatever framing gun you have available. Depending on the age of the mortar product you are nailing into, you may still have to pound the heads in.