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duration of vac use

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  • duration of vac use

    I just wanted to know if it is ok to use the Ridgid 6gal vac for about 4 hours straight?

    What do you guys think? I will have it plugged into my miter saw and will be cutting base boards for my folks new house and will be at it maybe all night. I may take a break after 4 hours. I think it will be ok to keep it on instead of on for 30sec then off. On then off. On then off.

    Just wanted to hear form you!

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    I have two Ridgid Vacs and a Delta Dust COllection Unit in my workshop. I run my Ridgid Vacs for long periods of time hooked up to my small dust collection system. You need to stop every so often and make sure to empty out the filter and give it a good blow out with some compressed air. Don't run it too long without emptying the filter. The suction will seem to reduce and motor pitch will change which is a clue that it's time to stop and service the vac. Just tune in to any changes in sound of the vac motor and you'll be ok.

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      I have a 15 year old craftsman that sees long usage and it is still kicking. You will want ear protection on a 4 hour run