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Ridgid 12" Miter versus DeWalt 12" Miter

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  • Ridgid 12" Miter versus DeWalt 12" Miter

    What are the pros and cons of the Ridgid 12" compound miter versus the DeWalt 12" compound miter? Which one is the better investment for a long-term carpenter?

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    Bob: I have ne experience with the Ridged 12 CMS, but I currently purchased a DeWalt 12 Sliding CMS an am thoroughly impressed with its performance. I sold my DeWalt 12 CMS to purchase this tool. What impressed me was the fact that I had some 9 7/8" x 1 1/2" crown molding with a 45/45 degree bevel on the back. I was able to cut this molding flat on the table by moving the bevel and miter right and left with out changing the molding ( top facing the saw). I dont believe any others can do this. Also I needed to cut off some shelvinf (14") to fit in a cabinet and did this task perfectly. You may want to check out DeWalts web site for instructions on cutting crown moldingnull


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      Hey Bob!
      Not to be a spoil sport, but do you really need a 12: compound miter?
      I have been extremely pleased with the Hitachi cfd. It is (as fae as I know) the only miter on the market that can cut a dual compound 45 in both right and left sides.
      It is the workhorse of my shop.


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        I just bought the Riggid MS1250 compound
        miter saw, it's a 12" job. I have not used it yet. All my friends tell me it is a great
        saw, and will last a lifetime.What Iam looking for is plans to build a portable table for it so I can move it around for
        different jobs. null


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          baupaw, Makita has a 12" S.C. miter saw too.
          Andy B.