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  • Dado set for TS2400

    I have one of the original (grey) TS 2400 benchtop table saws. I want to purchase a dado set for it, and I was told at a woodworking store that I shouldn't use an 8" dado set in it. They said I should use a 6" so I'm not working the direct drive motor harder than I need to. I can't see why an 8" would be that much better, but I'm a relative newbie to dado cuts so I could definitely be wrong.

    Also, I have already bought an 8" dado insert for the saw (HD clearance sale). Can I use that 8" insert just as well with a 6" dado set?

    Thanks in advance for the advice

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    Well, everybody has their opinion but we have not experienced any problems with an eight inch dado. You can use the eight inch dado insert with a six inch dado blade. The only advantage of a eight inch dado blade over a six inch is of course depth of cut. However, since a dado cut is usually quite shallow it may not be an issue. Thanks!


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      Are you using a 15 amp portable table saw or a contractor/cabinet saw? The main reason I ask is there are 8" dado sets available at the big-box stores, but few 6" ones.


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        I wasn't able to find a dado size recommendation in the owner's manual. Also, will a dado set fit on the arbor of the TS2400?



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          Woodchucker -

          There is no problem with running a 6" blade in a 8" throat plate. The only difference is the overall length of the slot in the so with a smaller blade you will have more clearance at the lead and trailing edges.

          The Arbor size is the same as you find on the larger contractor saws so any blade will fit.

          I personally use a 7" set that I got from Sears a few moons ago and haven't had any issues on this saw. I also use the 8" dado insert.

          Good Luck.
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            Thanks to you both for the info. Time to go ahead and make some saw dust.


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              I just picked up the TS2400 at HD.

              Like you the first thing I wanted to do was use it for some dado cuts. Problem is that you need to purchase the 8" plate. It would be nice if THD (The Home Depot) would carry it. But they don't. You have to call Ridgid for the part. The manual mentions a different part number and when you go to Rigid's parts by phone, they only offer the 8".

              So far thats my only gripe. But I just got it.
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