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Cutting a Rabbet joint on the JP0610

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  • Cutting a Rabbet joint on the JP0610

    I am new to woodworking and just bought a JP0610 planer. The operator's manual is a little short on "how to" rabbeting! But does state do not remove the guard! When I moved the fence forward it stop short of the edge of the infeed/outfeed table leaving about one inch of the knife exposed. The guard would limit the stock size to about an inch and a half, and the smallest rabbet would be about an inch. What am I missing! It seems to me that you would remave the gaurd and the pin infeed extention and that the fence would move to with in a fraction of an inch or the end of the knife.
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    Have a look at page 20 of my Delta manual ... yours will work the same way

    Jointer manual