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    I'm looking to purchase an affordable scroll saw. I see the Ridgid saw all the time at home depot and I've heard good things about the Delta and the Dewalt saws too. I'm not getting into scroll sawing like crazy so the Dewalt seems a bit too pricey for the use. Does the Ridgid have quick release blade? Any other advice on this tool would be appreciated.

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    I haven't tried any other scroll saws on the market. Rigid was a xmas present from my wife three years ago and I've used it since. Works great for me. It does have more vibration than I'd like but I'm not sure other saws would be any better. As for blade change, I'm not sure what you mean by quick release. Rigid uses knobs to hold the blade. Until I got used to the feel of a properly tensioned blade, I had alot of blades come loose while cutting. Also, bottom blade is a little difficult to get to under the table. Again I'm not sure if other machines are easier and, being lefty, my right hand isn't as nimble as it should be anyway.

    Despite minor inconveniences, Rigid saw does the job alright for me.