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Ridgid Planner "Line in wood"?

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  • Ridgid Planner "Line in wood"?

    I have the Ridgid planner, ever since I have had the saw whenever I send the wood in near the lifting side I get a line in the wood? Any Idea why. Since I rarely have boards wider than 6" I ussually just use the other half of the planner. But what should I do to fix this. I thought about exchanging it at HD but really do not want to lug 85Lbs back upstairs and to the store?

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    What kind of "line" is it? Does it occur on the top (planed) side of the wood or on the underside?

    An indented "line" (not very likely)sounds like a burr on the blades. A raised "line"(more likely) is probably a chip in the blades. Usually occurs from hitting something hard (nail, grit, etc.) in a piece of wood. You can get rid of the indent by offsetting just one of the blades just a touch so that the chip is not "in line" on all of the blades. You can also "flip" the blades over if necessary.