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  • blade recommendation needed

    some time ago i came across a makita blade (7 1/4), combo blade made specifically for cutting wet/treated lumber.

    as i have done very little work with treated lumber to dats, i never bought one. now that i am going to be building quite a few projects needing treated lumber i am looking for this blade. can not remember where i saw it. i usually shop at HD and they dont have it. also checked lowes and menards, both stores i visit on occasion out of convienence/specific items. and i dont see them there either. am i remembering seeing things that dont exist? does this blade exist? if not by makita is there another blade anyone might recommend that is of quality to tackle this job?

    and with that in mind...i never even thought to check cmt's website. that is my blade of choice for my table saw. i will look when i finish this post. any other advice is greatly appreciated


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    The Makita catalog lists their latest MakEdge for pt/wet lumber as well as a BlueMaks II and a BlueMaks the first two are 24 tooth and the last 16 tooth. My local guys ( a family electrical/plumbing house ) have an on-line store.
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    I am surprised HD did not have the Irwin pt/wet blade.

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      DeWalt has a model 3174 that they bill as a wet/treated lumber blade; I picked one up at Lowe’s last year on clearance for about $3. The deck I was planning on building at that time never materialized so it is still in the package and I am unable to comment on its effectiveness.



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        Ed, I'm not sure of the 7 1/4" size, but in my area (basically the lower MI) HD carries a 10" Freud D1040X blade that I use regularly for almost everything for $30. Being a Freud blade, it's a dandy, even though it's print on the front says for Wet Lumber. I've ripped Oak with it, blade of choice for BC ply, doesn't do well for cross cutting pine though. Ripping Cherry left burns, or real rough edge depending on feed rate.

        The Diablo series 7 1/4" blades I see more than any others used in commercial construction. The Union Carpenters trade working on the job site I'm on now (18.3 mill school) has a box of 50 in their job trailer. They are cutting everything with this blade. From Luaun to 3/4" treated ply. 2x4's to 2x12's (treated and non treated). Slash cuts for radai nailers. My last assignment was a residence, and that's what they used for OSB and CDX sheeting, and everything else I'm assuming. I was on site only 3 days to complete my rubber roofs.

        It's must my opinion, but Frued (and this is documented review by WWJ... web page ) (A related review of DeWalt... web page )is thee sharpest blade produced. It holds an edge better than I could have imagined. Even after "THEE" edge is dull, it does a darn fine job.

        I purchased 2 of the D1040X blades last year with my saw. With all I have made, I have not yet found the need to mount the 2nd blade. It's gummed up a might, but still amazes me the cut it gives me. Tear out is more, but "THEE" edge is gone.
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          I use the Freud Diablo 7&1/4" blade on my Mag77 for PT wood. Several deck builders have recommended that blade for that wood. It cuts extremely smooth and does not clog like most blades. I think I paid $7 or so for the newest one.

          Wrote 7&1/3---sheesh!!

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