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Freud FT2000 and Cabinetmaker Bits

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  • Freud FT2000 and Cabinetmaker Bits

    I am looking at the bits shown below and was wondering if anyone has run them in the Freud FT2000 router???

    Do you need to do any grinding on the tabs of the base???

    How have the MLSC bit held up???

    Any tips or advice is greatly welcome…

    Also if there is a better alternative brand that I should be looking at for near the same dollar amount, I would be interested… I’m not a woodworking pro, just a hobbyist…

    I would be interested in the "Pro Cabinetmaker 6 Piece Router Bit Set with Undercutter" for the $143.95...

    Here is a link:

    Regards,<br /><br />Big Johnson<br /><br />Pictures: <a href=\" gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php\" target=\"_blank\"> gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php</a>

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    I have 2 of the Freud routers Big J, and though I haven't used this perticular set of bits in it, I can say I used the larger miter lock bit with no problem of clearence. I did purchase the MLCS router collet extension to put more shaft in the collet.

    I purchased the MLCS 66 bit set, and can say the few that I've used so far are well balanced and very sharp. After 100' of dados with one bit last couple nights, the bit has held a edge well considering the crapy plywood I was using the bit on. MLCS is very highly rated.

    A similar set is offered by MLCS under the Katana name. These bits have a coating on them. As far as I know that is the only difference, other than the Katana's are about $40 more and lifetime warrenty. Freud and CMT make nice sets as well, but you'll pay quite a bit more.
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      I use these bits uo to the local high school shop they work great!
      Andy B.