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R4512 Alignment Problem

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  • R4512 Alignment Problem

    I was so excited the other night when I bought my new r4512. It was heavy and a lot of work getting it home and built. I was disappointing to find after building it the blade would shift 1/16"-1/8th" right when I turned the blade height knob up and would shift to the right when lowering the blade. The shift was at the back of the blade which if it shifted toward the fence could cause kickback. So I took it back to Home Depot and they helped me open up another r4512. It had the same issue as did the display model. I give HD credit for being understanding and helpful, but I'm very disappointed the the Ridgid quality control.

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    Re: R4512 Alignment Problem

    I've got the exact same alignment problem with my R4512 and was wondering if it was a defect in my saw.

    Have you tried contacting Ridgid about the issue?

    It looks like the blade returns to the same orientation every time I raise it, so I'll just make sure that if I lower the blade, I lower it half a turn too far, then raise it half a turn.




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      Re: R4512 Alignment Problem

      I think I have the same experience as rgaldins. My alignment is perfect except for the last 1/2 turn or so. I never use the saw with the blade cranked all the way up so this is not a major concern for me. I remember reading someone else's thread who had a much more expensive saw but it too behaved in the manner as my saw.


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        Re: R4512 Alignment Problem

        Same problem here, and it gets worse over time. When I need to do ripping on my table, I try to use a sled based on the miter tracks. If not, I carefully measure the distance from each side of the fence, adjust, measure again repeat until its close enough.

        I woodworking budget for next year will include a aftermarket fence, such as Vega pro. Or a new saw, I will not throw away any more time and wood trying to fix the fence.

        I have seen some shop built "Sliding Table" projects that I plan to research more.