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Dado insert for TS 3650

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  • Dado insert for TS 3650

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a 8" dado insert for the ridgid TS 3650?

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    Andy B.


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      Might try here.

      Price is $12.99. I usually just make my own.



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        HD also carries them 12.99
        Just my opinion


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            I make my own. Take a piece of or 1/2" plywood, trace the outline of your stock insert on it, then cut it 1/32" oversized on the bandsaw. I actually had to run 1/2" MDF through the planer to take off 1/32" (making it 15/32") to sit perfectly flush with the table.

            Then, using double-sided tape, attach it to your stock insert. Using a flush trim bit in your router, trim the excess.

            Using a spade or forstner bit, drill a 3/4" hole about 1" from one end. On the other end, drill and countersink a hole for the screw.

            Lower you saw blade all the way down and insert the blank insert (be sure to fasten it with the screw. If the blank doesn't go all the way down (rests on the saw blade), then you may want to install a smaller blade (6") to make the initial cut (an 8" blade should work fine).

            Turn the saw on and slowly raise the blade up through the new insert.

            This will work for any type of insert you wish to create: dado, zero-clearance, etc.

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              "...Turn the saw on and slowly raise the blade up through the new insert..."

              I'd like to add that you should consider clamping a 2x4 or similar piece of lumber over the blank insert to prevent it popping up and being thrown out at you. Carefully positioning the fence over half the insert and ensuring it is clear of the blade by at least one half inch when it cuts through is also a good move.


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                Hey Keith911,

                Did you see this part as a stock item at home depot? you don't happen to know the SKU do ya?

                Thanks again!


                Originally posted by keith911:
                HD also carries them 12.99


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                  hey chuck sorry i had not been on this forum for a while, to tell you the truth i was sick of this forum for a while, I was just checking in to see about the arbor issue and see it is not dead yet, when i go into the shop i will get the sku # for you, but be warned that if your hd carriies it you will not be happy with it as it is not as thick as th insert that came with the saw new it's about an 1/8th inch thick, the set screws had to be set almost all the way out to the last thread(very unsafe ) so I traced the regular insert,cut it out on the bandsaw 1/8th inch bigger then used a pattern cutter bit on the router, fits perfect, put both blades all chippers and shims and raised the blade very slowly to make the cut thru the insert(use the fence to help hold the incert in place)so the hell with home depot

                  Just my opinion