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re cut maple with a band saw

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  • re cut maple with a band saw

    Band saw :can i cut a maple 1x4x24 on the 4 inch side and make two 1/2x4x24 with your ridgid band saw. i've been told that i would need a much larger band saw to do so. i'm more a serous do it yourselfer than a professional. if i can what would be the best blade and equipement for my needs?

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    I own a 14" Delta BS rather than a Ridgid, but since you didn't get a response from one of the Ridgid owners, I thought I would respond.

    Resawing 1" thick by 4" high maple shouldn't really tax even a small bandsaw. I used to own a 12" Delta bench model that could easily handle 6" thick pieces.

    I believe the Timberwolf blade is probably the most popular blade for resawing. They are made by Suffolk machinery...

    Bob R