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miter cutting on crown molding w/ RAS

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  • miter cutting on crown molding w/ RAS

    i need some help from you. i am trying to install some crown molding in the baby's room and am having lots of trouble and burning up lots of scrap trying to figure out the settings to make a inside 90 degree corner. the crown has a slope of 37.5 degrees and i need to figure out the angle of the arm and the angle of the bevel on my RAS that i need to use to make the 90 degree corner. if you know the angle or a great source to find out the angles, i would greatly appreciate it. thank you for your help, in advance.

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    Sent you an e-mail with a chart that might help from Fun with a saw by R.J.De Cristoforo. Old 1961 book on RAS.
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      From my experience (and this is mine alone), I flush cut one piece then miter and cope the adjoining piece (butt and cope corner). Alot of times a 90-degree corner may not be exactly 90-degrees, which throws your math off too far for a non-statistician to calculate... Hope I helped.


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        With the molding laying flat on your saw and the ceiling edge against the fence you might try the settings below:

        Corner ----- Side ----- Miter ---------- Bevel
        Inside ----- Left----31 5/8 Right ----33 7/8 Left
        Inside -----Right----31 5/8 Left ----33 7/8 Right
        Outside ----Left----31 5/8 Left ---33 7/8 Right
        Outside ----Right---31 5/8 Right ---- 33 7/8 Left

        Like Robo said coping out the backside of the molding makes a nice tight joint. Also Dewalt has a good article on their web site on cutting crown molding, maybe it will help you out a bit also, Click Here if you feel like looking at it.

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          spyder, if your backrest is high enough on your radial arm saw, put your crown molding on the bench upside down and place your molding, against the backrest, as if it were on the wall, then set your saw miter at 45 degrees. Then cut your inside or outside miter just using the 45 degree setting for all of the cuts. REMEMBER your crown is upside down so take that into consideration. good luck


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            Spyder, I would have to agree with Hammerman as an easy route. This should work but just alot of guys would tend to do it on a mitersaw. Again remember few corners are true square, that said cut two lengths for a pattern make the upside down 45 cut then test fit. If you have a gap your not 90 degrees. Which ends of the joint hit you then can adjust the saw to take a little of the differance off each peice. Hope that makes sense?
            If you have several corners keep the test peices and work your way around the room. Once you get the hang of one rest should get easier. As mentioned above my way would be but, miter and cope but this generally takes practice to get right but usually when done correctly looks better and less chance of opening or showing cracks later. Good luck, Rick.


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              Check out these websites for some help.




              I am alos in the same predicament and I think that these will help.

              Good Luck