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    Hi all,
    I can get one more toy for my shop. It comes down to the Ridgid Planer or the Jointer, I think this is a bit of a no brainer, i should go with the jointer because it will allow me to plan up to 6 inch stock and it also rabbits and edge plans. On the other hand after gluing up a few 2x4s it would be nice to run them through the planer to even them all up... what does everyone think? I know both are luxury items that a fine blade in the table saw and sandpaper or a hand planer could work as well with a little more energy. All I am saying is what would you buy if you had the choice?
    Mick Chambers<br />Keller TX<br />

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    Mick, once you get both of them and start buying rough lumber they quickly switch from Luxury to necessity [img]smile.gif[/img]
    I started with the planer. I used my router and a jig to make mostly straight edges most of the time but it is a PITA with rough stock. I started off doing small projects with shorter boards but when I started doing larger projects I quickly realized that a planer takes a bowed board and gives you a thinner bowed board. Problem solved with a jointer.
    However if you only have a jointer you run into a different problem.. That bowed board is now straight ... on one side. Yes you can flip it over and make the other side straight as well but I can almost gaurentee you that the two side will not be parallel, they will be thicker at one end or in the middle (just the way the jointer works).
    As for the rabbit feature I have never used my jointer to cut a rabbit. I either use my router or dado blade. Can't be bothered removing the guard