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Noise on startup of 3650

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  • Noise on startup of 3650

    Anyone get a noise, sort of a squeal, when they start up the 3650 table saw?

    I have been reading about the bad arbor problem. Bought my saw last month, and it seems to work OK. Can anyone describe what was bad about it, and how they ran into the problem? I may have not run into it yet. Any pics of what is bad would be great.

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    Do a Search using "3650 arbor" as the subject. You'll find enough reading material to keep you busy for a long time. Chances are good that the saw you bought doesn't have a bad arbor as Ridgid stopped shipping saws with the bad arbors last spring.

    As for the squeal, the first area I would check would be to make sure that your pulleys are aligned properly.
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      OK, I will check that out. Thanks