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Rabbet cuts on my Jointer

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  • Rabbet cuts on my Jointer

    I just got my 610 put together last night and it is wonderful. What I'm not clear on is how do you make rabbet cuts. The manual doesn't show the setup. I'm not sure I'll ever use anything but my router table but would like to know how in case.

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    The rabbeting instructions, such as they are, are at the top of page 31. The second picture down, labeled "Stop Pin Operation", shows rabbeting in progress. What isn't mentioned, though it is shown, is that the fence has been slid out to match the amount of step desired in the rabbet.

    Jake, if you see this, you might mention to the manual folks that this operation isn't described to their usual very high standard. If I didn't already know how, I would have been confused too.



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      I too don't fully understand how to cut the rabbit correctly. How large of a rabit can it cut, The manual says 1/8" deep but how long can it be (Wide)
      TIA Scott
      NO NO NO- I engineered it to look like that!! Crooked-HA!


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        Maximum one-eighth inch deep per pass. The maximum depth is one-half inch. Maximum width is up to six inches.


        Let's say you want a 1/2" wide rabbet on a 3/4" board. Total depth also 1/2" (a square rabbet). All width references come from the rabbeting ledge on the outfeed table, shown on the left of the second picture on page 31.

        Set the fence so the distance from the edge of the rabbeting ledge to the fence is the width of your rabbet, 1/2". Set you cutting depth for whatever you are comfortable with in one pass, maximum 1/8". Slide your board along in the normal fashion, and your rabbet will be started. Increase the depth of cut by your comfortable amount, and repeat.

        When you reach 1/8" in total depth, you must pull the stop pin (item #13 on page 19) to reach greater depth. Keep increasing by your comfortable amounts until the depth desired is reached, 1/2" in this example.

        Very Important: Once you are done rabbeting, raise the infeed table up above the 1/8" mark. Forgetting to do this and attempting to joint a board will give you a kickback like no one's business.

        If this still isn't clear, let me know.



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          But there is one more dimenstion that Dave Arbuckle doesn't mention - the unrabbeted width is about 1/2 inch (I could go measure if you need it). So if you want a half inch rabbet in a 3/4 inch board, the unrabbeted area is 1/4 inch, which rides in a groove in the outfeed table, near the pivot for the blade guard. And there is only a small amount of room there for the unrabbeted part of the board.

          If it helps visualize what is happening, note that the rabbet is being cut by the very end of the jointer blades.


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            Thanks both Dave and Charlie. I appreciate the help.