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Fine Woodworking Kudos to Ridgid

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  • Fine Woodworking Kudos to Ridgid

    As a rule, I am pretty skeptical/cynical when it comes to "tool test" by woodworking 'zines. I figure it's just advertising by another name for the real money makers for a given magazine. But Ridgid seems to be popping up more and more. If you read enough good reviews, you start paying attention. Fine Woodworking is, in my opinion the most thorough and neutral of them all, so I paid attention when I saw that Ridgid racked up "Favorite" evaluations in BOTH jointer and planer in their price range.

    In addition, Ridgid is appearing more and more in the background in w-wing magazines across the spectrum.

    You been taking these guys out to lunch Jake?

    Waydago Ridgid. Keep us grinnig with those "extras".

    Rodney J in TX

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    I too have noticed this and it sure makes me feel good when I read them. I have three Ridgid tools and am very happy with all of them.

    I quit taking a few car magazines because of their "new approach" to testing and new market's pretty obvious that they are slanted in one or two directions...good example is Holley Carburetors...every hot rodder knows they are terrible at staying tuned and a real pain over time to keep them running, but they always get the press and they're always on the project cars....

    I would hope that woodworking mags don't do this same thing, but who knows? Until it's obvious they do, I sure enjoy them.
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