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Thought I knew what table saw I was going to buy???

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  • Thought I knew what table saw I was going to buy???

    This is my first post but have been on this site for a couple of days now and have put in quite a few hours of reading about the 3650. I had first joined this forum to hear all of the praises about RIGID's table saw and how it couldn't be beat but to my suprise on a forum sponsered by RIGID I am finding out quite the opposite. I guess the only reason I am even bothering leaving a post is to find out from a RIGID Rep. if this problem is actually being taken care of or if I need to spend my money else where? I have checked out the Grizzly and am going to be heading to the store tomorrow(Springfield, Missouri) to check it out. You guys that own other than RIGID, any feedback on your saw would be greatly apreciated.

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    I too thought that the 3650 provided a lot of the features that I was looking for, and at a price point which made sense to me as a non-professional. The Grizzly 1023 is a real contender, and has impressive features. This arbor problem has really made me think twice, however. I am embarking on a rather large cabinet building project and this will be a major issue. Any word from the folks at Ridgid would be very welcome!



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      Enjoy your trip to Grizzly, I'm just jealous I don't have one close enough to drive to.


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        cable-guy - My concern would be whether or not they handle the problem thoroughly and promptly....words are easy. It sounds to me like they need to retool the manufacturing line for the arbors. In the thread started by Strong330, either he or Sawdust Steve were recently overnited a new arbor from Ridgid, but it had exactly the same problem.

        The Griz is a great saw with a different set of strengths than the Ridgid....notably the fence and miter gauge IMO. If you like it, grab it. You might also want to condider the new Delta 36-680 or Sears 22114 in the same price range. Sears has had some extraordinary promotions this week, often knocking 30% off the price, plus other perks. Good luck.


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          Hi Hewood. RIDGID sent Strong330 that arbor, and it was the same as he had. Also there is a post from BrandMan, a RIDGID Administrator over in the General Woodworking Forum. He has responded from RIDGID to us in one of the most recent forums that I started on the 3650 arbor problem. I think they are getting on it, but I told him to post that response over here as well.

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            Thanks for all the feedback guys. I guess it was a good thing that I looked at this site and found out what was going on before I made my purchase. As I said in the earlier post I went down to Grizzly the next day and looked at what they had to offer. WOW, what a place. After being there for 5 hours I loaded up my new G1023SL. It is a step above what I was looking for but luckily business was good this year so it didn't matter. THIS SAW IS AMAZING. Guys, check out the Grizzly line before you make a purchase you'll regret. You won't be sorry.
            Thanks again,