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    I bought a Ridgid 12"X 36" lathe recently. The minimum speed setting is 875 rpms which is way too fast for turning greenwood or anything less than perfectly balanced blanks. Does anyone know if Ridgid sells(or anyone else)at a reasonable price a set of pulleys that will run this lathe at around 350rpms at a minimum to up to no more than 1000 rpms? Thanks in advance for your help and keep on turning.

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    I have the lathe, I turn some. But I'm by no means any expert on turning. I make my own mallots and little decrotive things with it. The slowest speed for me is fine, can't imagine going much any slower. But I've never turned a full diameter blank on mine.

    Any retailer that deals in pullys should be able to hook you up with a pully set that will slow you down to what you desire.

    Maybe Dave Arbuckle can chime in here: can a router speed control type device be used here Dave?
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      John, Ridgid warns not to use a speed control on the supplied motor, so I don't think that a routor speed control is usable. Thanks for the idea though. I originally started with a home-made pole lathe, then upgraded to a drill driven version of my pole lathe. If the blank has any inbalance the vibration caused by the inbalance is multiplied as speed is increased. With my other two lathes I could go from barely turning up to about 500 rpms. I could never turn a burl on this lathe because of the machine going from zero to 875 rpms in the flip of a switch. Most accidents on the lathe are speed related. I had a piece of green oak fly off of this lathe recently because it wasn't balanced, causing the live center to walk out of the end of the blank. I may have to start wearing a hard hat as part of my protective gear, besides my face sheild and respirator?


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        I think Dave Arbuckle must have left the site. He has not posted since Oct. I think. I hope the negativeness of the site did not run him away. It is not much woodworking anymore.


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          [img]redface.gif[/img] I must confess that I apparently looked at the diagram on the lathe incorrectly and accidentially setup my lathe at the highest speed instead of the lowest when I placed the belt on its pulleys. This is why I was so amazed at the extreme speed of it. I still feel that, Ridgid should have designed it to run from 350 to 1050 rpms are somewhere in that range, because it would have been a safer machine to turn on. Once again, I want to thank those who replied to my post.


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            we all make mistakes. Reading a pully diagram can be dangerous, but minor in full light. It's about the same as reading the drill press speed rating. I will agree with you that if you intend on doing anything of large diameter, it should be able to be slowed down a bit more. So this IS the lathe limitations. Or, makes the user start out with a more balanced piece of stock.

            Good luck in turning, it's alot of fun, even with dull chisels!
            John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>