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carpentry issue I need help solving

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  • carpentry issue I need help solving

    been battling with this for a few weeks and although it has gotten better still needs help.

    i am putting the finishing touches on a deck i built. i used pressure treated lumber and overall everything cooperated. although i have helped a carpenter friend of mine build a few decks (at least finish them), but i have never built one from scratch.

    i made two mistakes from the beginning, both i thought i could compensate for. one is ok, the other is giving me the problem.

    basically what happened is that the middle post on the outside shifted when it set (had a hell of a time with this hole tree roots and all). i did not realize this until i put the boards around the posts and ran my floor joists. I used joist hangars (another mistake, will never do so again), and that combined with the shifting post, caused the outer frame board to bow out. this was not discovered until i got to the end with my deck boards. well with some creative ripping the deck surface looks fine, and the bow is hidden under the railing!

    there is a 3 foot opening on either side for a gate. so now, obviously the railing did not line up to the eye. I solved this by unbolting the 4X4 post and cutting into the side of the deck approx 3/4 of an inch. popped the post back on setting it back and now the raining is lined up to the eye.

    the problem now is the gate. the gate does not line up on both sides and the bottom is actually kicked out almost 1" almost like the thing is bowed. the gate construction is the same as the rails. 2X2 pickets spaced 4" apart sandwiched between 2X4's one at the top and one approx 3 inches from the bottom. Used the standard decking board as the top of the railing.

    so now the the problem is the gate does not line up with the railing, and i have exhaused every possibility i can think of! i am sure the answer is staring me right in the face. any suggestions?

    i hope my explination helps? i know it is rambling on. if you are willing to share some experience and a picture would be helpful, please drop me an email if this would help!

    thanks in advance for any assistance