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  • Lathe boring

    Dear Expert,
    I have a currrent lathe project using your lathe. I need to bore a hole through a piece of stock that I am making into a musky lure.
    The size will vary from 6-15". The wood is
    cedar, cherry and maple.
    What accesories to I need for my lathe and
    should I bore the 1/8" hole before I start turning the wood?
    Thanks for the advise in advance.

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    You can bore the hole before you chuck into the lathe, but it will make centering the spur center almost impossible. If you have a four jaw chuck, then you can drill first then chuck the stock into the lathe and get it centered without much trouble.

    The other option is to bore while on the lathe. What this will entail is a hollow live center and a boring chisel. Both can be found in turning catalogs. Once your turning is complete, you then remove the point from live center so it is hollow, chuck the turning back in and use the boring chisel through the tailstock and bore out your turning.