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bandsaw blade burning wood on curves

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  • bandsaw blade burning wood on curves

    I've been using a 1/4", 6 TPI blade on my bandsaw trying to cut what would seem like not too tight a radius circles (4" - 5") and the blade is burning the wood pretty badly. It seems to do it on any hardwood (haven't tried it on pine). I don't feel like I need to go to a smaller blade because I could have sworn I've seen this done with a 1/4" before. I'm not using a very high quality blade. Is that the cause? I've read that rounding the back of the blade is helpful. Is the burning just a normal effect of cutting tight circles? Thanks.

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    I've seen in ShopNotes that if you put clear tape over the cutline that the wood won't burn. I think there is something in the tape that sort of lubes the blade as it passes through the tape.
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      One of 2 things, Blade is dull or you are cutting too slow allowing blade to keep rubbing the wood in the same place
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