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how can i cut a 67.5 degree bevel on a table saw or compound miter

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  • how can i cut a 67.5 degree bevel on a table saw or compound miter


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    turn the board 90 degrees and make a 22.5 degree cut.


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      That suggestion is mathematically correct, but it can lead to a dangerous situation, if the board is comparatively narrow and now you are putting the narrow end up against the fence.

      I believe the conventional solution is to clamp a board to the left or right of the workpiece, which then acts as a side fence. If the workpiece is small, it should be screwed to a larger board to act as a jig.

      If you collect Norm Abram books, I think you'll see what I'm talking about in the one that has the marble toy project (with the ramps).


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        I saw Norm do a similar cut today making a ball/ramp slide toy. He used a stop and fence piece to support the narrow cut on his CMS.

        By the way LOML was not impressed. Said the show was not interesting to watch, someone using power tools for a 1/2 hr.!


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          There are 2 options other than the table saw or miter saw, which is not good choices.

          One is to purchase the proper angled router bit for such angles and use the router table.

          The other is make good use of the Radial Arm Saw. You can go as far to cut horizontally with the RAS, to a vertical, and everything in between.

          If had to do on a table saw, I would construct a sled type jig you could firmly clamp the stock to a solid vertical fence that's part of the sled.

          Just a little food for thought.
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